REUNION 2000  Our 35th Class Reunion October 13-14, 2000
This is the first set of photos created live from our class reunions - beginning with the traditional Friday night mixer, followed by the Saturday bus ride around town and the evening baquet. Over the following years, we have created a retrospective of earlier reunions, and other even more ancient reunions. Since 2000, our reunion photos were compiled with better and more sophistical digital processes - and it shows. Enjoy these slices of class history.

Friday night at the Greenfield Country Club. About 100 of us gathered to reminisce about school spirit and enjoys spirits in general.  Here are Jerry McCabe, Sue Brougham, Richard Dejnak, Rosemary Fleming, C. Henry Becklo and David Johnson
Here are Nancy Wissman, Sue Carey, Sue Hutchinson, ?, Rich Shortell, Jeff Webster (from Turners Falls HS) and Herb Forgey.
Would you buy tickets from this little girl?  That's Beth Anderson, George Maniatty and Bill Seretta helping fund the cause.
The Class of '65 was proud to honor Betty Nee, lead secretary in the GHS office, then and now!!!
Al Jenest and Sally (Martin) Neal
Okay, admit it. Other than Dave Johnson's beard, nothing much has changed since high school.
 Andy  Musacchio, Bill Phelps and Jeff Neal
Together again. Brian LaCoy, Tom Purple, TJ Strahan 
and Fran Yestramski
Bill Hamilton and Jerry McCabe
Phil Grise, Bill McDonald, Pat Chornyak, Bill Seretta 
and John Taylor
The bus tour went to many schools around town. We arrived at the middle school which is closed for rennovations and legal disputes. Here's what we saw.
So the contractor says about 3 more months? Class architect Bob Grant looks a bit skeptical!! We all did.
Bob Grant may hold the class record for being thrown out of school more times than any two other classmates.  Here he languishes in a long overdue payback sitting at the teachers desk at North Parrish School.
Once nearly discarded to the trash, this painting by Fred Day has graced the halls of Newton Elementary School since the 'teens. Today it is honored as a true historical work of art.
Newton School group: Rich Shortell, Sue Hutchinson, Brian Lacoy, Pat Twarog and Phil Grise
Green River School group: T.J.Strahan and Barb Hoynoski
Bus Tour 2000 included a visit to Open House Day at the Fire Station - owners of an original Paul Revere bell (not shown). Look closely though and you'll find some of our next generation - a young Forgey and Strahan are serving among Greenfield's finest.
What?  They ran out of A&W Rootbeer MammaBurgers already?  That's Beth Anderson and Sharon Matera making a 2nd choice.
Dave Ciszewski after a long race and ready for the banquet
TJ's jukeboxes provided memories and great dance music both nights, and you can even understand all the words!


Phil and Pat Grise with Marsh Drew Bittner



A rollicking grand time was had by all.

linda al

tj et al

That's Fred Steiner with a gang of classmates in the rear.




And here's Linda Beaudoin and Al Jenest.







TJ Strahan, Phil and Pat Grise, John Taylor, Beth Anderson, and Bill Seretta

A last minute change of plans enabled Warren Peters to make the reunion.






Al Bresciano, Sue Mack McDonald, Phil Grise chronicaling the events, and Pat Chornyak Grise.





Rosemary Fleming Kaszans, Al Jenest and Linda Beaudoin enjoying some fruit punch.

phil camera


"Yeah, remember the words to that old Brewer and Shipley song, 'One Toke Over the Line Sweet Jesus'...let's sing it again."

Got a better quote for this or any others, send 'em in!!

Did the Lennon Sisters start (or end) like this?
A perfect Saturday afternoon, perhaps the nicest Saturday of the entire summer/autumn greeted GHS '65 duffers at the Country Club. 
Bill McDonald, Sue Mack McDonald and Bill Phelps
Never again will it ever be said that Al Jenest hasn't got a lot of balls.
Dr. Bob Martin, taping his ankles. Golf is a contact sport for some...
 Bill McDonald, George Maniatty, Bill Phelps, Carla Graveline, Al Jenest, Jerry McCabe, Bob Martin, Sue Mack, Bill Seretta,
and Jim McCarthy.  Put them all together and they might break par.