High School Days -Previously Unpublished Version

German Class Hike to Leyden Glen
Ya gotta love Greenfield Recorder photographers who choose to shoot backsof heads only. We could be anybody!
The Homer Gunn Scupture
Patti Capron, Jack Killeen, Mary Vetterling,
Bob Martin
The Playboys
Warren Crone, Don Holmes, Dave Wartel,
and Bob Zlobel on drums
Phil Grisé and Sharon Matera
Ed Sanborn, Sandy Roscoe, Martha Nichols
Marie MacDonald, Karen Simpter, Debbie Bruce, others
Sue Mack, Deb Bruce, Donna Summer, Norma Hornado,  Martha Nichols, Sandy Roscoe and many more
Norma Hornado, Karen Kelsey, Betty True, Sharon Brown, more too
Rob Pratt
Tom Purple, Karen Kelsey, Norma Hornado and Rob Pratt