Some Very Old Stuff ofAll of Us

Four Corners Kindergarten Class

4 corners Mayday

Same gang of Four Corners kids at Mayday Celebration

conway st 1st

Conway Street First Grade Class

Sometime way back in the early 1950s (you do the math), on a clearly cold winter day a 1st grade teacher at Conway Street Elementary School gathered her little munchkins together by the front door for a photo. It worked! The teacher did leave the class after the first semester on some sort of medical leave - a cold from this very day, no doubt.

Not being a hardcore military group, the kids are not really in clearly defined, even rows... but you'll get the idea from this great image shared herein by Steve Garanin. So take a look and perhaps you can help fill in the blanks!

Row 1(front)Left to right: Janice Benjamin, Alan Jenest, Nancy Wissman, Peter Keller, Gail Tirrell, Bob Dihlman,  Allen Wondoloski, Jonathan Zack
Row 2: Carol Burnham, ? Johnson or Johnston, Virginia Pulaski, Jerry Markowski, Jerry Knower, Dusty Sparks
Row 3: Marie Kruk, Sally Baird, Jane Galipult, Helen Keneston, Paulette Leukhardt, Jerry Politis, ? Bill Phelps
Row 4:/5: Steve Garanin, Bruce Randle, ? Snyder, Joe Bergereon, Patty Guerin, Chuck Severance, John Isles,Fran Yestramski, Peter White, ?, Bill Fisher

Holy Trinity 4th
Holy Trinity Fourth Grade Class
1st row
Ronnie Sasseville, Marie McDonald, Jane Lapointe, Frances Tenney, Nancy Petravice, Carla Graveline, NA, Marsha Drew, Linda Rucci, Lynn Dame, Virginia Brennan
2nd row
Paulette Goly, Mary Audette,Marcia Rugger, Theresa Tucker, Patricia Krol, Rosemary Lemieux, Maureen Lynch,
Carol Peloskey, Pam Schmid, Susan Fahey
3rd row
Leon Gagne, Richard Dejnak, Russell Woods, James Winn, Gerald McCabe
 Dennis Lynch, James McCarthy
4th row kind of in the center
Patrick Hogan, James Boron/or Rayond Miller,  David Perry
5th row
Tim Bates, Gerald Pepeoria, Edward Palin, Dee Kurkoski, Edward Zentgraf, Renee Jacques,Bill Kiley, Ronald Martin

newton Xmas

Here's a Christmas assemby at Newton Street School, probably when we were 4th graders (not really sure). Many classmates from GHS65 are here but you have to look around. On the left in the second row is Fran Sirum, a bit to his right is Andy Musacchio. Then dead center in a pinafore, is DeeDee Smith (64) with John Taylor over her right shoulder and Sue Barber pver her left shoulder. Behind John Taylor is Kip Mesginis. Next to Sue and only slight visible is Susan Hutchinson. She is blocked by Alexis Walendzik (GHS64). In the front in stripes is Karen Singiser with Patty Hitchcock behind her. A little further back behind Karen is Phil Grise, popping his head up. Phil is in a cluster of GHS64 folks - Chip Kalinowski, Louie Manica, and in the front on the left is Terry Doton GHS67 (?), and Ed Burakiewicz (GHS64). Pretty far back on the left with her head popping up is Sylvia Manica, Lou's older sister, GHS62, I think. Help me out here - old time Newton folks

Newton Steet School Sixth Grade Class
Ernie Johnson, Pete White, Karen Singiser, Jon Zack, Sue Hutchinson,Steve Myers, John Taylor, Richard Barber, Bill Fisher, Fran Sirum, Martha Sokolosky, Andy Musacchio Brian Lacoy and of course Miss Catherine Carney, Principal.

Marsha Ruggeri, Debbie Bruce, 
Rick Richardson

Cub Scouts Pack 63 circa 1957
Left to Right: Phil Grisé, Glenn Weeks, Brian Bullman, Rich Shortell, Peter Rogers

Holy Trinity 1st Graders
Rosemary Lemieux, Carla Gravline, Pat Krol, Maureen Lynch,Lynn Dame, Jane LaPointe,  Marie McDonald, Jim McCarthy, Pat Hogan,Don Boron, Ed Viens - singing "How Much Is That Doggie In the Window"      
Four Corners Girl Scouts circa 1959
Four Corners Girl Scouts circa 1959
Carol Stange provided this photo during the summer of 2009.  She's also taken a shot at identifying nearly everyone.
See if you agree or can fill in the gaps!
It is amazing how so many faces are easily recognizable, some half-century later.   Top left we have the troop leader, Mrs. Richardson. Then, Bev Grant, Roberta Moore, Carolyn Yeager, Karen Hardaker, Marilyn Herskey, Sue Mack, Laura Jean Phillips, Peggy Sanborn and Assistant Leader  Sandy Hohengasser. Middle row has Sandy Cote, Cindy Palmer, DeeDee Hohemgasser, Kathy Dolan, Susan Pomeroy, Pat Underwood, Donna and Doreen Wissman, Mary Vetterling, Sue Yetter, Mary Ellen Urkiel, and Barbara French.  The front row includes Joan Deneault, Patti Capron,  Deb Bruce, Beth Anderson, Sheila Sommer, Gwen Glabach, Carol Stange, Erika Rood.
Tell me corrections or add more. I'll continue to fill them in.
FC Troop 78
Four Corners Troop 78 again, perhaps a year earlier
Many of the same faces here as above.  But I must direct you to Bev Grant's hair, Right next to Sue Mack just above the center. Wow!
Top row:  ?, Mary Ruth Giles, DeeDee Hoengasser
2nd row:  Debby Bruce, Beth Anderson, Patti Capron, ?, Shirley Brightman, ?, Joan Deneault, ?
3rd row:  Sally Martin, Sue Yetter, Pat Newton, Carol Stange, Karen Hardaker, Carolyn Yeager, Roberta Moore, Mary Vetterling, Sue Mack, Bev Grant, Marilyn Herskee, Kathy Dolan, Gwen Glabach, ?, ?
4th row:  Marcia Ruggeri, ?, ?, ?, Cindy Palmer, Patty Underwood, Susan ?, Mary Ellen Urkiel, Donna & Doreen Wissman, Martha Johnson, Barbara French, ?
Sitting on floor:  Jane Yetter, Ricky Rood, ?, ?, Ruth Mary Giles, Nancy Hardaker (turned backwards), Sheila Sommer, ?, ?

So, as retirement sets in, and you wander the photo albums

(or grocery bags of pictures), SEND THEM IN!!!!!