Contest Time
We Are the Greenfield High School Class of 1965, Reunion 1995
[See anyone you don't recognize?  See anyone you do?]
Okay, here's another step to prepare us for the 50th Reunion.  For each of the 70 faces, write down as many names as you can recall. Feel good if you can at least find yourself! You can click on the photo to enharge it.

richpat Now for a few odds and ends from 2000. Here's Phil and Pat Chornyak Grise spending time with reunion chairman Rich Shortell.

stageYour guess is as good as mine re who is singing what, or shouting or listening.... Front: Harvey Stone, Dan Wright, balloon girl, Nancy Wissman, TJ Strahan. Back row: Sue Duckworth Carey, Phil Grise, Shirley Brightman Nelson, ?, Sue Broughan, Jerry McCabe, Rose Billiel, Pat Twarog, Rob Pratt and Beth Anderson Roy.

bethpat Beth Anderson Roy and Pat Chornyak Grise.


bus1... bus2

Ah yes, the early reunion days of champagne bus tours around Greenfield. On the left are Betty True Bennett, Beth Anderson Roy, and Cindy Palmer Bitter. The right image is Ed Hall, TJ (getting a refill), Sue Broughan digging deep into the cooler, and Deb Bruce(?) guarding the goods. Right front is Mike Werth.


Yukking it up are Nancy Wissman Franklin, Sue Carey Duckworth, and Shirley Brightman Nelson.