Twenty-six years makes a lot of difference. Here we are at the Polish Picnic Grounds. I apologize in advance for the faces I can't recognize or get wrong. Please help by sending me updates!

Left to right: Front Row - ?, Bill Conant, Bob Martin, David Johnson, ?, Sue Hutchinson Webster, Rosemary Fleming Kaszans, Pat Twarog, Susan Carey Duckworth, Linda Wolanske; Second Row - ?, Rich Shortell, Deb Bruce Johnson, Fred Bresciano, Cindy Palmer Bitter, Cookie Pelosky, Janice Benjamin Speakman, Keith Franklin, Nancy Wissman Franklin, Bill Seretta, Pat Chornyak Grise, Phil Grise, Sue Broughan, TJ Strahan, Ronnie Sasseville Burns, ?; Third Row - John Taylor, Carl Becklo, Paul Schmidt, Ginny Pulski LaPorte, Dan Wright, ?, Carolyn Machaiek Morahan.


One of the great aspects of the afternoon picnic at the Polish Picnic Grounds, was the inclusion of parents and relatives - a great turnout.


As always, there's nothing subtle about Rosemary Fleming Kaszans - this time in a Peter Max piece!



Ed Hall, Phil Grise, Lynn Seretta, Audrey Bullard Thompson yucking it up.


lady table

Theresa Tucker Levisee, Ginny Pulaski LaPorte, Carolyn Machaiek Morahan


Anyone have a clue what great scheme is being hatched by Phil Grise, David Johnson, Bill Seretta, C. Henry Becklo,?



The gang onthe bus. One of the early tours of the town held in 1990. Karen Hardaker Nuckols on the left, perhaps Rob Pratt behind her, and on the right is Fred Bresciano.



One of the bus stops was GHS (the old one that we attended). Here's Rob Pratt, Cindy Palmer Bitters, and Bill Seretta way down the south hallway that faced Shattuck Park, in the Science wing.


Within the science classrooms, Mike Molitoris is possibly discussing valences with Janice Benjamin Sparkman as ? looks on.



Much preparation at the old Greenfield Country Club with Sue Carey Duckworth, Bob Giffen and ?




Sue Carey Duckwork and Pat Chornyak Grise get silly with the balloons.



As the Saturday night gala gets rolling, old pals get together for some hijinks. TJ Strahan, Phil Grise, Bill Seretta, and Rick Richardson.


What has become a standard over the decades, Beth Anderson-Roy is making a sale off Phil Grise


No, that's not iced tea in Sue Carey Duckworth's glass. Carolyn Machiaek is waiting to see the results.


Pat Chornyak Grise, Karen Hardaker Kuckols, Phyllis Stone, Sue Carey Duckworth, Sharyn Brown Philcox.


Mike Molitoris and Phil Grise discussing the good old days.



Rich Shortell ensuring all the details for the event are coming together.



Shirley Brightman Nelson and Donna Sommer Gleason




Sue Mack McDonald, Deb Bruce Johnson, Karen Hardaker Nuckols and Sue CareyDuckworth



MC TJ Strahan making announcements as Barb Hoynoski looks on.


The class honoring Betty Nee for lifetime contributions to GHS.


And of course the dancing wouldn't be complete without YMCA. Here's Rose Billiel Caoulette, Fran Sirum and Rosemary Fleming Kaszans spelling it out for us.