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GHS65 Grads at Rosemary Fleming Kaszan’s Grad Party (june, 1965) with Laura in the center. The other ladies are L to R, Mary Vetterling Braggin, Deb Bruce Johnson, Phyllis Stone, Martha Nichols Adelmann, Laura, Sharyn Brown Philcox and Joan Deneault Meissner.

Laura Jenkins Leonard 2018...........................

After GHS, I finished a degree in Sociology at UMass and quickly found out I did not want to be purely a social worker. I added on an Elementary Ed component, also at UMass, and was teaching in the Erving Elementary School when I was introduced to Steve Leonard, based on our mutual love of music. Steve came to hear me play Handel on my violin at All Souls Unitarian Church during Sunday service. We've been continuing our conversation since that day. I married Steve in Oct. '73 at All Souls Church.

When Steve finished up his Music Ed degree, also at UMass, Gov. King had been elected and funding for music in public schools was cut drastically. Steve found a job in the Charleston County Public Schools in SC and we both auditioned successfully for the Charleston Symphony. We moved to beautiful Charleston in '79. Our son Edward was born in August 1980, and our daughter Barbara Ann was born in October 1982.

Steve taught music in the public schools and I taught Science, Social Studies, and Math at the 5-7th grade levels. We played professionally in commercial music and with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and the Charleston Opera Company.

By the time we were ready to retire our son, Edward, was pursuing his Masters degree in Music at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA. After a few visits to Pittsburgh we knew that was the place for us to retire, so we moved to Pittsburgh in Aug. 2008.

Our daughter, Barbara Ann, is married and still lives in SC on James Island not too far from where we lived during our working/child rearing years.

Today, my title is “Concertmaster”, and I have played violin in the Undercroft Opera Orchestra in Pittsburgh for every production since August 2009. Besides my involvement with Undercroft, I am also Concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Savoyards, contract player with the Butler Symphony Orchestra, and often assist in performances with the Pittsburgh Philharmonic, where our son, Edward, is the Music Director/Conductor. I am also active in local chamber music circles.