Gail Rogers Callahan Rolls Up the Yarn


March 29, 2018 marked the end of Gail Rogers Callahan's regular affiliation with WEBS, a famed Western Massachuestts yarn outlet. Our classmate Gail has long been weaving and creating yards as well as wearable fabric products for decades. WEBS is currently celebrating their 44th year in business, having moved from Amherst to their mammoth Northampton location in 1992. Gail has been a serious part of the organization for many,many years. When you think of yarn in the 21st century, many folks go to - that's WEBS! And when you think of amazing specialty yarns and products, you may well think of - that's Gail!!


Here's Gail and a staffer at her going away fete last week.


Here's Gail and Phyllis Stone participating in a tie-dying even during our 70th Birthday bash last Fall.


And here's Gail alongthe banks of the Connecticut River, at our 50th reunion, wearing a felt hat she designed and constructed, or maybe you remember Jerry McCabe in it.


So while Gail will no longer be a regular at WEBS, she will continue teaching classes there on occasion, and of course

making her yarns and products available on her website, Check it out, and don't forget her book too.