Leap Ahead to the Saturday Luncheon 

Bill Phelps waves us onward to the parade
Ken Burdick, Karen Steiner, Ellen Morrisey, Jerry McCabe, Joanne Garcia, Barb Hoynoski and Bill Phelps
Ellen Morrisey does out candy for tossing while Karen Steiner, Herb Forgey, Phil Grise and Jerry McCabe look on. Grise is holding one of the custom make Hoynoski signs for the trolley
A good laugh regarding 'adult beverages' that are missing
Who has the map to the Fairgrounds. We learned Ralph Kramden was our driver
Some of the trolley rider team: Karen Steiner (back), Ellen Morrisey, Herb Forgey, Phil Grise, Jerry McCabe, Joanne Garcia, Barb Hoynoski and Bill Phelps
Phyllis Stone stopes in to wish us well
Herb takes a pre-travel siesta
Sandy Cousino and Jerry McCabe buckling up
Bill Phelps and Flo, Pat Grise, Barb Hoynoski
A Little Computer Fun (click picture for a bigger image)
A trolley view of the throngs awaiting us on Main Street. It was a great crowd. Wish we hadn't thrown most of our candy on Federal Street. We are real parade novices!
Shirley Brightman watches the parade
Sue Mack(light blue blouse)and Bill McDonald (peeking over Sue's shoulder) at the defunct Wendy's
In Greenfield, it's always Wilson's
Arriving at the viewing stands at the Fairground, Dave Ciszewski waves us in
Karen Steiner Helbig won a Blue Ribbon for her Quilt in the Roundhouse

 Richard Shortell reports winning 2 Blue Ribbons for his tomatoes and Shirley Brightman Nelson got a Blue Ribbon for her mustard.

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